@ssessora aiming to provide an integrated and extremely technical service, to allow that government agencies involved in import and export processes of used goods, DECEX and Federal Revenue Secretariat, and that insurance companies can have a better assessment of these imports and exports and thereby reduce the difficulties of the processes, we chose to create, in mid 2001, ADVICE & TECHNO ECONOMIC APPRAISALS LLC. and in mid 2005, ADVICE Brazil. These two companies have reached approximately 600 (six hundred) Technical Reports, including complete plants, integrated systems, production and assembly lines, representing a total of more than 3,000 (three thousand) goods, whose imports were fully approved.

These reports attend to Brazilian laws and international trade rules.

In addition to activities related to foreign trade, ADVICE Brazil is also engaged in activities like Technical Follow Up, Manufacturer Inspection and Supplier Qualification.

TIn order to confirm that the technical characteristics of the good that the buyer purchased will be met, in addition to certify the visual conditions and the fair market value of the goods to be imported, pre-shipment inspections are performed by specialized personnel and technical reports issued to meet updated national and international standards.

It aims to assist customer’s purchasing department monitoring the implementation of the supplier's manufacturing schedule in order to ensure the on time delivery of the product or equipment, minimizing the disastrous effects of delays or product delivery outside the contracted specifications.

It aims to assist customer’s purchasing department to qualify the supplier before the purchase process begins, according to his own quality standards or, when necessary, providing the standard ADVICE Brazil, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.